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El Adoui

Status : Post-Doctoral Researcher

Research Topic / Interests : Mohammed is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Namur. His research objective is to predict gas concentration using Machine Learning applied to data acquired from low-cost sensors. He received a PhD in March 2021 at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Mons in Belgium. He received a Master’s degree in Computer Science (Computer Graphics and Image Processing) from the University of Fez, in 2015, and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Faculty of Science in Oujda in 2013. In 2015 he started his PhD, where his research focused on applying image processing and deep learning to predict the response of breast cancer patients to chemotherapy using 3D MR images. For more information, please visit his website at or his personal research profile at

ARIAC Work Package : WP1 -interactions between humans and AI: interactive/human-in-the-loop algorithms, user assistance/AI-in-the-loop, consensus mechanisms, imperfect multi-expert labels, explainable AI