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After completing a degree in sciences of information and communication technologies at the Polytechnic University of Valenciennes (France), Arnaud Bougaham obtained a master's degree in electronics and telecommunications at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (Spain).

He joined Aisin-Europe (ex-AW Europe) in Mons (Belgium) in 2008, where he was a test engineer specialized in electronic manufacturing for the automotive industry. In 2019, he became a digital transformation actor of the production center, taking on responsibilities as an engineer in operational technologies (Factory of the Future Award 2019 & 2022).

In this context, he started a PhD thesis in 2020, in collaboration with the University of Namur (Belgium) under the supervision of Benoît Frénay and Isabelle Linden. He then specialized in the performance and quality optimization of production systems, using artificial intelligence techniques, in an Industry 4.0 context.

His areas of expertise are anomaly detection and prediction driven by unsupervised learning techniques, via convolutional neural networks (CNN) or transformers (ViT), in a generative adversarial network architecture (GAN).