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I'm professor of computer science at UCLouvain in the ICTeam Institute. I'm also part of the Artificial Intelligence and AlgorithmsImage retirée. research group.


I obtained my Ph.D. from the UCLouvain University in 2009. I spent 5 months at Brown University. Then I joined the Dynadec startup to work on Comet during two years before working two more years at N-SIDE. I'm now at UCLouvain since September 2012.



  • Constraint Programming and Discrete Optimization
  • Data-mining and Machine Learning
  • The OscaR open-source constraint programming library that we develop in my research team
  • The MiniCP lightweight solver for teaching constraint programming
  • Algorithms and data-structures
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Programming languages

Current Projects and collaboration

  • Migration analysis (GLOBMING ARC project), in collaboration with Frédéric Docquier and Siegfried Nijssen
  • CP-Based Data-Mining, in collaboration with Tias Guns and Siegfried Nijssen
  • B-Post Chair in Data-Science, in collaboration with Siegfried Nijssen (sponsored by B-Post)
  • Vehicule Routing and supply chain optimization, in collaboration with N-SIDE (Presupply project, région Wallonne)
  • Bitwise algorithms for Table Constraints and MDD, in collaboration with Christophe Lecoutre
  • MDD Problem Solving, in collaboration with Xavier Gillard, Vianney Coppé, Ratheil Houndji
  • Matrix Mining, in collaboration with Vincent Branders and Pierre Dupont
  • CP Teaching (, in collaboration with Laurent Michel and Pascal Van Hentenryck

Past projects

  • Traffic Engineering, in Software Defined Networks, in collaboration with Olivier Bonaventure (ARC project)
  • Scheduling Operations for Steel-Making, in collaboration with PSI Metal (Metal Urbain, Innoviris Bxl)
  • Interlocking Systems (verification and optimization), in collaboration with Alstom and Cetic (Inograms project, région Wallonne)
  • Energy aware scheduling and planning in Industry, in collaboration with N-SIDE (Industore project, région Wallonne)
  • CP-Solver Engineering tools, in collaboration with Michele Lombardi